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What exactly is functional film sheet?

Functional film sheet can electronically control transparency and opaque.

It can be bent because they are film sheets

Because it is film-based, they can change their shapes into variety of types and can also be shipped as being rolled. Not only they can be attached onto surface as windows but also a curved surface like a column.

Use image

Use image

It can shield private space easily.

It can also diminish the strong daylight to keep the room comfortable

Usage example

It can be used as projector screen.

The projected image can be seen both rear and front.

Usage example

The latest technology of liquid crystal film is applied
  • It is manufactured by continuous roll to roll method and is the worlds biggest 1,200 mm width

    By the achievement of gainning 1,200mm width, this highly advanced film sheet can be used with glass building materials at approximate size.
    Further more,it accomplished as a king sized liquid crystal monitor(more than 80inches over per sheet)and they are economically fur more useful than existing film sheet.

  • Economical and efficient because of their type of shipment as being rolled

    We(kyusyu Nanotec Optics Co.Ltd)care for the convenience and the cost of film sheet and succeeded in their shipment as being rolled.
    Because of this achievement, they can change their shapes into variety of types so that it does not have to adapt the standard size of film sheet anymore to minimize its creativity but maximize it. Systematically, it is also far more efficient and reasonable,too.

  • Clear and beautiful more than conventional film

    What expected from a film sheet usually is the clearness and the beautiful image on the liquid crystal display.
    This highly advanced film sheet we invented represents the purest image by using the latest liquid crystal technology.
    We also keep in mind the development of clear image on rojection display and achieved the highest quality in its kind.

The structure of Functional film sheet
Merchandis Screen for a projector Privacy screen
Purpose advertisement and promotion privacy projection
Use show room windows,shops commercial building,apartment
Size Up to 40 inch aspect ratio 1,200mm5,000mm
Characteristics Whole light transmitant(%) 95.6(off) 4.5(on)
Parallel light transmitant(%) 86.4(on)
Parallel permeation(%) 1.5(off) 79.0(on)
Electrical Vrms AC50v100v
Reliability Sunshine weather metre works fine on practical use
85% RH strage samples works fine on practical use
Sampled without glass at 25 50% RH