Kyusyu Nanotec Optics Co.Ltd deals with functional film sheet and its associated products extensively

Kyusyu Nanotec Optics Co.LtdKyusyu Nanotec Optics Co.Ltd
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About Us

Kyusyu Nanotec Optics Co.Ltd
deals with Functional film sheet and its associated products extensively

About Us

Company Name Kyusyu Nanotec Optics Co.Ltd
Foundation August 2004
Tel/Fax (Tel)+81-977-72-3315 (Fax)+81-977-72-3316
Address 8574-2 Oga,Oaza,Hiji-town,Hayami-district,Oita-prefecture
Zip Code:879-1504
Branch 1-16-21 1-16-21, Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Zip Code:169-0073
Chief Executive Officer Junichi Baba and 3 directors
Capital 10 million yen
Staff 20 employees
Project Outline Manufacturing Liquid Crystal Film and Others
Main Bank Oita Credit Association, Howa Bank
Corporative Company Kunimatsu Industry Ltd

Equipment and Production Capacity

Main Equipment
  • Clean Room(200m×2,Class100,1000)
  • Small-Sized Liquid Crystal Panel Production Device
  • Large-Sized Liquid Crystal Panel Production Device(Newly Established in September 2009)
  • Lithography
  • Dispenser and others
Production Capacity
  • More Than 3,000 sheets/per day(A3 paper size)
  • More Than 400m2/per day, 10.000m2/per month


April 2004 Founded by a private individual
August 2004 Launched in Oita
December 2004 Establishment of a factory in Hiji-town,Hayami-district,Oita-prefecture
April 2005 Launched production of sample materials
August 2005 Approved By Oita Reformative Management Plan
Feburary 2006 Awarded By Oita Business Plan GP
June 2006 Joined in Plaza'Mono-Tsukuri'
Semtember 2006 1,000mm wide mass production equipment installed
December 2006 Launched shipment of sample materials
April 2007 Launched receiving orders for production of large-sized panel
October 2007 Aquisition of a patent for polymer network model liquid crystal display device and its producing methods
November 2009 Acquisition of a patent for lithography
June, 2010 Oita management innovation plan approval
Oita trial ordering supplier authorization
February, 2011 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry new cooperation business plan authorization
March, 2011 I establish nanotechnical center sale in Fukuoka as a company concerned (officer additional post)
May, 2012 Request for "Miyo-Film" trademark application dealer 2012-3306 reference number AT231205A
June, 2012 Manufacturing method PCT application international application No. PCT/JP2012/60412 reference number PCT240220 of the liquid crystal display element
December, 2012 Polymerizable composition and liquid crystal display element PCT application international application No. PCT/JP2012/084156 reference number PCT241131
August, 2013 New technology development foundation (new technology development grant) authorization
September, 2013 Oita area resources utilization product creation support project authorization
November, 2013 Small company measure development authorizes a support project a manufacturing medium and small-sized business in 2012
April, 2015 It is succeeded by the trial manufacture of the world first reverse mode film
May, 2016 Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. and the film business co-operation contract conclusion